The Defi DAO Project

Jerryf Hernandez
February 26, 2022

I can't go into much details about this because A LOT of research and development needs to go into this even to ensure it's feasible to run.
But the idea is relatively simple, PoS and Online payment systems for crypto payments.
I'm all about businesses, and supporting businesses from all around the world, especially local small businesses.
I think some of the reason businesses don't' accept crypto are because:

  • It's complexity
  • it's volatility
  • it's use cases
  • No benefit in doing so

I want to create a more stable eco-system for businesses to rely on that allows them to feel safe about allocating some of their sales in crypto.

In major economies we might not see so much of a difference or gain, but for other countries I believe this can be insanely beneficial, just being able to diversify your savings, income and earnings. I think is a huge step, especially in a PoS system, I myself have seen places accept Bitcoin as a payment system. But it's never an easy process for them nor the consumer.
In the online world, payment systems are secured through centralization so that in case of fraud you can get a return on your purchase. In crypto currently, we don't have such systems, which make people very reluctant to use crypto as payment on any sites.
Volatility: being that the currencies go up and down in price insanely fast compared to other securities and // or investments, and this uncertainty is hard for business owners to accept and deal with, given that they need cash flow in order to pay their bills, and keep the business running, volatility just gives them another stress to think about and have to worry when running their businesses.

written by
Jerryf Hernandez